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MalCon conference on Dec 3, 2010
Posted By:Techgoss
No Bandh for Kerala IT, July 5, 2010
Posted By:Kerala IT News
Barcamp Kerala, May 3, 2009
Posted By:Techman
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IT Services
Bestseller Techie’s New Novel
By Suneetha

Sudeep Nagarkar, techie and bestselling author, is ‘trending’ yet again. He must hardly have unpacked his bags from the promo tours of his last book ‘You Are Trending in My Dreams’ before he has announced his next book, a seventh in six years, and getting ready to tour another 15 cities from May 2016. Techgoss catches up with Sudeep Nagarkar and “She Swiped Right into My Heart”.More...

Techie’s Book On Carpooling
By Resmi Jaimon

Jatin Kuberkar hails from Telangana and completed his education there.  After a B.Com (Comp) he did GNIIT and landed a job at BaaN (now Infor Global Solutions) in 2003 in Hyderabad and has been with them since.  In 2011, he published a book of poetry followed by a compilation of short stories. Jatin has written his first novel 'Cabbing All The Way' which has been well received.More...

BPO/KPO Services
Techie Directs Malayalam movie
By Resmi Jaimon

Basil Joseph is an Engineering graduate in Electrical and Electronics from Govt Engineering College Trivandrum.  Basil worked as a Testing Engineer in banking software Finacle at Infosys, Trivandrum for two years before he made up his mind to pursue his passion for the creative world of movies and film making as a full-time career. His film has been produced by another Techie.More...

Long Revolution is The Outsourcer
By Suneetha

When veteran tech journalist and currently Fellow, Centre for Media Studies, Delhi, Dinesh C Sharma, penned a history of IT in India in 2009, titled ‘Long Revolution’, it detailed every milestone in India’s IT sector. Dinesh is back with a reinvented form of the same book, meant for an international audience, and under a new title ‘The Outsourcer’,  published by the MIT Press.More...

Manager Movements
Infogain CEO Sunil Bhatia
By Sumir Singh

Infogain, a hugely successful business and IT consulting firm, has named Sunil Bhatia as CEO. Mr. Bhatia has been CEO Designate at Infogain since Infogain’s acquisition of the IT assets of Blue Star Infotech Ltd. (BSIL) in January 2016. Founder and former CEO Kapil Nanda will remain an active part of the company as full-time Executive Chairman of Infogain’s board of directors.More...

Tech Visionary @Cloudistics
By Pulkit Sharma

Software company Cloudistics, which specializes in superconverged enterprise cloud platforms, has appointed one of the most high profile Indian origin technology visionaries Jai Menon as its Chief Scientist. Menon was the CTO for multi-billion dollar Systems businesses at both IBM and Dell. He joined Dell in 2012 to develop their technical strategy and build global alliances.More...

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